Friday, November 20, 2009

Flea Market Fancy

see this post for a great give away!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Bike giveaway!

Been following this new bike (Madsen) and would love to have one! They are giving away one every week! So click on my link for me!!
Madsen Cycles Cargo Bikes

Friday, April 17, 2009

Spring Quilt festival

Well I am participating in this - but this is the only quilt (below) I have to post about. I have another stack and wack that I finished since this - maybe I'll get it up here. The bear with me quilt is a masterpiece though - in my mind - since it was around so long before being finished. An update - my husband has left it on our bed and I am really geting rather used to it!

Monday, February 9, 2009

1st post - take 2

Ok - so I have written this post once - but apparently forgot to save it. Being new at this blog thing will take some time. Giving it my best shot - so bear with me (which by the way is the name of my first quilt completed this year - only my second bed quilt ever finished.) It was started for my husband atleast 8 years ago. Every Christmas and birthday - when I asked what he wanted - he'd always respond - have you finished my quilt yet? Well - it was finally finished over the holiday break! Since it has bears all over it - I decided the perfect name was Bear with me!
Bear with me quilt
This bear quilt was a Debbie Mumm pattern from eons ago. I'll have to find the title of the book if anyone is interested. It is made entirely of flannel - except for the bears. I quilted mainly in the ditch - with x's across the big blocks. I also free motioned around the bears.

Welcome (to myself) to blog world

(edited - I found the first post!)
Ok - never done this but have been reading everyone else's blogs for quite a while now. So I will give it the old college try! I have been particularly stuck on amandajean's blog - which I will try to figure out how to link to her page.

In the mean time - a little about me. I am a 30 something mom to 3 princes (thus the queen bee title). The princes are 12, 11, and 5. I work outside of the home full time and quilt when I get a chance - not as often as I would like. I am also pursuing my master's degree. So hang with me - I probably will not be the most prolific poster.

My first picture will be the first completed project of the new year - a quilt for my king (dh).