Friday, February 21, 2014

Crab Twist Quilt

So, after seeing a ton of these twist quilts, I had to jump onboard when I saw the crab pattern.  While I love the quilt/final product - I am not in love with the process that got me this cute little wall hanging.  For those who don't know - the twist quilt involves making a perfectly good quilt top - and then cutting it apart using a special ruler, and sewing it back together again.  I'm all about instant, or atleast quick gratification - and this did not fall into either of those categories.  Had it not been for 2 extra days off of work due to snow - this quilt probably would have gone into the UFO pile - as the lack of progress quickly frustrated me. 

However, similar to childbirth, I think perhaps I might forget the pain of this quilt and eventually make another.  I will probably try bigger squares so I have "more" to show for my work.  We'll see....